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Heather Burnside has been writing since the late 90s when she returned to work following a career break to raise a family. Heather formerly worked in credit control and became a graduate Member of the Institute of Credit Management but she decided on a complete career change.

After enrolling with the Writers’ Bureau in Manchester, she gained a writing diploma and had articles published in several popular UK magazines. Heather then set up a writing services company, providing copywriting and proofreading to a range of clients, and ghostwriting a number of non-fiction books.

Nowadays Heather mainly concentrates on fiction writing and she is the author of The Riverhill Trilogy of crime thrillers set in Manchester during the 1980s and 1990s.

The first book, Slur, involves two young women who have been wrongly accused of murder. The main character, Julie, is subjected to insults and accusations, and believes that everyone has turned against her. This drives her to despair, and she sinks into a deep depression. When her friends reveal that they may have found the real killer, she reaches a turning point, and begins to fight to maintain her innocence. But she underestimates just how difficult it will be to prove a vicious murderer guilty, especially when the police remain unconvinced.

The book is available from Amazon in both Kindle and print versions and you can find out more at: http://viewbook.at/Slur.

The second book, A Gangster’s Grip, moves into the 1990s during a volatile period in certain areas of Manchester, when violent crime escalated due to inter-gang rivalry. The novel is set against this backdrop, and features Rita, who returns to Manchester after a few years away to find that her sister is in a relationship with the local bad boy. Rita senses danger straightaway and becomes desperate to lure her sister away from her gangster boyfriend, before matters spiral out of control.

A Gangster’s Grip is also available from Amazon at: http://viewbook.at/GangstersGrip.

The third and final book in the trilogy is Danger by Association, which is again set in 90s Manchester. With flashbacks of her last traumatic visit to Manchester still troubling her, Rita is drawn back once again to attend her brother’s wedding. She vows to avoid the Riverhill Estate, the scene of so much devastation during her previous stay. But links with the past put Rita and her family in danger, and she is forced to return to the Riverhill to confront her adversaries.

Danger by Association is available from Amazon at: http://viewBook.at/DangerbyAssn.

Heather has also published a multi-genre selection of short stories called Crime, Conflict & Consequences, which you can find out more about on the Books page of this website.

Crime, Conflict & Consequences is available to purchase in a Kindle format from Amazon at: http://viewbook.at/Consequences or you can receive a FREE copy if you sign up to Heather Burnside’s mailing list by clicking the link here. Heather uses her mailing list to keep readers informed about her new releases and any special offers on her books.

Why not check out Heather’s blog on the home page of this website where she keeps readers updated regarding the progress of her books, and provides informative and entertaining articles regarding the writing industry and topics relating to her books.

Getting in Touch

You can contact Heather Burnside by sending an email via the contact form below. You can also follow her on Twitter at: @heatherbwriter or connect with her on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/DMPublisher.

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