Post Holiday Writing Plans

There’s nothing quite like a holiday to help you clear your head and put a new perspective on everything. Before I went away I was feeling quite stressed as I had a lot of things on the go. I still have many plans in terms of my writing but I’m now feeling more relaxed and prepared to take things in my stride. Instead of trying to do things all at once I will let them take their turn and will accept that it will take as long as it takes. Before detailing my plans I thought I’d share a couple of holiday snaps while the memories are still fresh: 20130714_16155520130714_16190120130713_194016 Book Promo I will be holding my first free book promo in the next couple of weeks for my book entitled “Kids’ Clubs and Organisations – A Comprehensive UK Guide”. I need to contact a few websites and other avenues first to ask if they will publicise the promotion so I haven’t fixed the date yet. I will make the first promo a one day only event and will give further information via the blog in the near future.

2nd Parenting Book My 2nd parenting book is about 70% complete. I have reached a bit of a sticking point with some of the research so I really need to push this further to enable me to finish the writing. I will be taking measures to complete the research and will give more details about the book via this blog as I get nearer to the publication date. It will include a few special features though, which will be likely to appeal to a wide range of parents and children.

Debut Novel I have already written my first novel and can’t wait to launch it but I’m waiting until after I have launched my second parenting book. I still need to edit, fact check and proofread the novel, which is a crime thriller. Not having touched the manuscript for some time it will seem strange to revisit it, but I am really looking forward to the task. I must admit that I am becoming a bit frustrated with the process of collating all the information for the parenting books, which are heavily research based, so it will be good to take a break from them and concentrate on fiction instead.

Client Projects I probably should have put this at the top of the list since client work has to be done as and when it is received in accordance with agreed client deadlines. In addition, I have a few regular commitments that I have to meet. It is for this reason also that the books will take as long as they take because client work must always take precedence.

Originally I planned to release the non-fiction book in the late summer and the novel at the end of the year but I now realise that I was perhaps being a little bit over ambitious. I’ll have to see how I progress with the non-fiction book and will detail my experiences via this blog as I go along.

6 thoughts on “Post Holiday Writing Plans

  1. Thanks Guy, I’ll be blasting it all over social media and my blog once I’m ready. I’ve just finished updating the book so the next step is to re-upload then get it on Amazon Select.

  2. I’d missed this post Diane. Gosh, I’m exhausted just thinking about everything you’re doing. The important thing is to neither rush your tasks nor cut corners. Get it right first time and it will all be so much more rewarding. You know that your author friends (including me of course!) will help the promos along – you won’t be alone in it all. Call on me anytime. 🙂 X

  3. Thanks Alice, I have decided not to put too much pressure on myself. I originally planned to publish the 2nd non-fiction book late summer and the novel by November although I now realise that it was a bit of a tall order. Perhaps the novel will be in the New Year now and I’ll take it one step at a time. Thanks for all your support Alice. The indie author community is brilliant and there are so many wonderful people who help each other.

    • Did you mean New Year, as in January, or just some time next year? Just a hunch and it’s only my opinion, but I wouldn’t launch in January when people have spent all their money at Christmas and are busy reading their books received as presents. I’d delay until March onwards?

  4. Thanks for the tip Alice and sorry for the confusion. Yes, I meant some time next year. I figured that if I don’t get it out before the end of November then there is no point trying to compete with well known authors over the Christmas period. The frustrating thing is that it’s written – I just need to edit, fact check and proofread. I need to do the 2nd N/F book first though as it’s a similar readership to the first book. If I have to delay it until March then I can always be working on my next book in the meantime – what am I like?

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