New Year Writing Plans 2014

What an exciting year lies ahead! As well as doing the promotion for my second parenting book I hope to publish my debut novel at last. In fact, in some ways this year may see the culmination of many years of writing effort for me. Read on to find out what I have planned.

Book Promotion 

My second parenting book “Great Places for Kids’ Parties (UK)” was published to the Kindle at the end of November. Since then I have been absorbed by a mixture of working on client projects and arranging to have the book printed cost-effectively. The latter has proved more challenging than I anticipated as the book is in colour, which is expensive to print. Thankfully I got there in the end; my book is now with the printer and I hope to release the print version very soon. However, time spent searching for the right printing arrangement together with my client workload have meant that my promotional efforts have been virtually nil.Emails

As we go into the New Year I intend to remedy this situation. My first port of call will be with the parenting magazines and fortunately I have a list of contact details that I used when I marketed my first parenting book. Because many of the regional parenting magazines are issued quarterly, they have quite lengthy lead-in times. This means I need to approach them now if I want to secure any editorial in their Easter editions. If I manage to achieve this it should coincide quite nicely with the special offers featured in the book as they start to become effective from April onwards.

As well as approaching parenting magazines I will be contacting various parenting blogs and others involved with childcare, children’s parties, family days out and additional related topics. Hopefully they will be interested in guest blog posts, interviews or features related to the book. Once I receive my shiny new copies of the book I will also be hauling it around various book shops and gift shops. So, it looks as though the promotion will be keeping me busy for a few weeks yet.

Debut Novel

I know I’ve been promising this for some time, but I will definitely be publishing my debut novel this year. It has already been written – it just needs, fact-checking, editing and proof-reading and then I’m ready to run with it. In fact, it was written many years ago. At the moment though, I want to concentrate on promoting “Great Places for Kids’ Parties (UK)” as much as possible. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that it is a quality product that will appeal to book shops and others. I therefore owe it to myself to continue my efforts now that I have reached the promotion stage.

Schedule NovelOnce I feel that I’ve given it my all I will start to shift my focus onto the novel. One thing I will say though is that novel writing requires a different writing approach to non-fiction writing. I therefore intend to brush up on some of the techniques that I learnt on my writing course as I’ve become a little rusty. If I come across any valuable writing tips I’ll share them via the blog. It will be interesting to view my own work from yesteryear and see what I think of it now that I have the benefit of a few years commercial writing experience.


As well as doing a bit of snagging and general tidying up of my main website (, I also have other plans for the website in the long-term. These plans will involve an extension of the book page ( by adding book excerpts and other book related information and functionality. I’m also planning to host interviews of fellow authors on the blog. (N.B. My WordPress blog is imbedded into the blog page of my main website so you can also access it from there.) These plans are all for the long-term though. I figure I’ve got enough to concentrate on for now.

I have to say that the Christmas break has enabled me to relax and refocus. Prior to Christmas I was becoming totally encumbered with work and more than a little frustrated as I seemed to be ‘chasing my tail’ and not getting very far. Thankfully I am now feeling more refreshed and ready to face the challenges and hopefully the joys that 2014 will bring. How about you? What are your plans for the coming year – writing or otherwise? Please feel free to share them using the comments box below.

6 thoughts on “New Year Writing Plans 2014

  1. You have a very exciting time ahead Diane! 🙂 Congratulations on getting to where you are now and I wish you the greatest success in 2014 with all you do. X

  2. Thank you Alice and thanks again for all your support and input. I’m really looking forward to the coming year and the challenges that it will bring. I wish you all the best with the coming year too, and have a feeling that this will be a really good year for you. x

  3. 2014 is going to be an exciting year Diane. Promoting Great Places for Kids’ Parties (UK) is going to be a lot of work, but hopefully it will become really popular. I recommended it to a mother the other day, who seemed eager to purchase a copy. Look forward to hearing more about your novel soon.

  4. Thanks Guy and thanks also for recommending the book to a mother. I can’t wait to receive my print copies in a couple of weeks but I’ll have to be patient. I’m just updating my table of parenting magazines, mum blogs etc. from the first book so I can use it as a template to record details when I start blasting out those emails next week. 🙂

  5. Good luck with your marketing and with publishing your first fiction novel. It sounds like you have a very exciting year ahead of you 🙂

    My goals are to sort out promotion and reviews for Broken Bargain (Hidden #2), which I’m releasing at the end of this month; edit Shrouded Soul (Hidden #3) with a view to releasing it in July; get ready for WorldCon in August and write Hidden #4. I’d like to squeeze another project in there somewhere, but I might be pushing it a bit if I do.

  6. Thanks for your feedback Clare. Wow, I thought I was busy but you’ve got loads lined up! Good luck with the rest of the Hidden series. The first book was great so that should be something for readers to really look forward to. If you’re looking for a reviewer for the second book, please give me a shout.

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