2) Meet the Author

Now it’s time to find out a bit more about the author with our fun quiz. Don’t forget to send the answers to all of our quizzes by email to: dianewriting@gmail.com. The winner of the Meet the Author Quiz will be drawn from all those with 10 correct answers or, failing that, the winner will be drawn from those with the most correct answers. The deadline for your answers to this quiz is 1pm this afternoon.

We will announce the winner on the blog later this afternoon along with the answers. We’re not expecting anyone to get all the answers right and we realise that a lot of your answers will be guesses. The idea is to have a bit of fun (and maybe a laugh or two at the author’s expense).

If you want to find out more about the author you could sign up to my mailing list by following the link here. I use my mailing list to share details of my new releases, discounted books etc. and will never share your details with any third parties. You might also want to check out my Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/DianeMannionWritingServices.


The Prize

For our Meet the Author Quiz we’re offering a signed print copy of SLUR (http://viewbook.at/Slur) together with signed print copies of my other publications, Kids’ Clubs and Organizations: viewBook.at/KidsClubs and Great Places for Kids’ Parties: viewBook.at/KidsParties, and a £10 gift voucher. Don’t forget that you can also buy a print or Kindle version of SLUR at: http://viewbook.at/Slur and can download a free app that enables you to read the Kindle version on your computer, tablet or smart phone here.

N.B. We welcome overseas attendees and are willing to exchange the voucher for the equivalent in the country of choice if the prizes are won by somebody from overseas.

Here are our Meet the Author Quiz questions:

1. Which part of my anatomy is so small that my daughter’s was bigger than mine by the time she was five years of age?Embarrassed

2. Which item did I once drop under a train resulting in a delay as the guard had to have the train moved up the track so he could retrieve it for me then move the train back into position? (Meanwhile all the passengers were waiting patiently to board whilst staring out of the window at my red face.)

3. How many times did I sit my driving test (extra points if you can name how many times were manual and how many were automatic)?

4. And just to prove I’m not as stupid as I might sometimes seem, how many times did I win the top of the class prize at junior school?

5. What is my middle name?

6. Can you give the name of my writing business?Holidays

7. I previously published a poem on my blog. Who was that poem about?

8. What are the ages and genders of my two children?

9. Where do I usually spend most of my holidays?

10. In which city was I born?


Don’t forget to send your answers to this quiz by email to dianewriting@gmail.com and get them to us by 1pm this afternoon at the latest.


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