General Knowledge Quiz

And now for our General Knowledge Quiz. Again, there will be 20 questions for this quiz but you will have until 5pm next Tuesday 23rd September to get the answers to us. Please send your answers by email to:

The winner will be drawn from all those with 20 correct answers or, if nobody gets all the answers right, the winner will be drawn from all those with the most correct answers. The winner will be contacted shortly after the closing date, as soon as we have had a chance to go through all the entries, and will also be announced on the blog. We will also publish the answers on the blog after the competition deadline.

The Prize

As this is a General Knowledge Quiz, our prize will be general in nature too, so we’re awarding a £25 John Lewis voucher to the winner. That means you’ll be able to treat yourself to whatever you fancy.

N.B. We welcome overseas attendees and are willing to exchange the voucher for the equivalent in the country of choice if the prizes are won by somebody from overseas.


Don’t forget that we’ve still got the SLUR Big Prize Quiz coming up later today. The winner of the SLUR Big Prize Quiz gets a £50 John Lewis voucher and a signed print copy of SLUR along with my other two publications. The questions for the SLUR Big Prize Quiz will be based on the book so unless you were lucky enough to win a copy in our Meet the Author Quiz, you might want to buy your copy now if you haven’t already done so. Here’s the link:

But now back to our General Knowledge Quiz.

The Questions

1. In personal finance, what do the letters IVA stand for?

2. On which British island is the town of St Helier?

3. In which country are the Black Mountains?

4. What is the name of the actress who plays Rachel Berry in “Glee”?

5. In a human embryo, what is the first part of the body to develop?

6. How many points is the letter “s” worth in scrabble?

7. What is the square root of 144?Question mark

8. Who was the first labour Prime Minister?

9. Who was Hitler’s Propaganda Minister?

10. Which Roman Emperor conquered Britain?

11. Which element has the chemical symbol Na?

12. Who is Miley Cyrus’s godmother?

13. In what way were the Manchester bands Joy Division and New Order related?

14. Who was the British Prime Minister at the end of the First World War?

15. For which film did Jennifer Lawrence win an Academy Award for best actress?

16. Which is the nerve that is damaged in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

17. What do the angles in a hexagon add up to?

18. Where would you wear espadrilles?

19. Which elephants have the biggest ears – African or Indian?

20. What is a lien?


Don’t forget to send your answers by email to by 5pm next Tuesday 23rd September at the latest.


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