Winner of the SLUR Big Prize Quiz

It seems ages since the SLUR launch party when we held several competitions to celebrate the launch of my debut novel. The last of our competitions was scheduled to finish on 31st October at 5pm to give readers plenty of time to find the answers to questions based on the content of SLUR.

I am now pleased to announce that we have found our winner (drumroll please)…

The winner is the lovely Georgia Rose. I am thrilled for Georgia and think that she is a well deserved winner. Georgia entered every one of our competitions and helped to support the launch party throughout by shouting about it on social media etc. Our prize bundle is now on its way to Georgia including a signed print copy of SLUR, a signed print copy of Great Places for Kids’ Parties (UK), a signed print copy of Kids’ Clubs and Organizations and a £50 John Lewis/Waitrose gift voucher. Here are the answers to the quiz questions:

  1. Lindsey Pilkington.
  2. The Flying Horse.Winner
  3. Saturdays.
  4. (See note below).
  5. DCI Marshall.
  6. Belmont Insurance Company.
  7. Greece.
  8. Ernie Cummings.
  9. Clare.
  10. Mike Marston.
  11. Bill Quinley.
  12. Betty Quinley.
  13. She works in a factory.
  14. Norma.
  15. 20.
  16. Debby.
  17. Jacqueline Bartlett.
  18. The words “Julie Quinley is a Murderer” are written on the back of the door.
  19. Leslie Stevens.
  20. Rita going into Vinny’s house.

With reference to question four, this actually relates to an earlier draft of SLUR. The quiz questions were prepared well in advance of the launch of SLUR and I inadvertently forgot to amend this question when I changed the final draft of SLUR. I apologise to any readers who spent time trying to find the answer to this question.



4 thoughts on “Winner of the SLUR Big Prize Quiz

  1. Thank you very much Diane – I’m delighted to have won! I never win anything 🙂 Many thanks for all your efforts with these competitions for your launch party and I wish you continued success with Slur, which with your other two lovely books will look terrific on my indie book shelf 🙂

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