A Gangster’s Grip – Cover Reveal

My second novel, “A Gangster’s Grip” is now only a few weeks away from publication, so I’m excited to reveal the book cover and book blurb. The cover has once again been designed by the talented Chris Howard who can be contacted at: blondesign@gmail.com.

Gangster's Grip V4


When Rita returns to Manchester after a few years away, she doesn’t expect to find a spliff smoking, beer swilling thug called Leroy firmly ensconced on her parents’ sofa. Rita is horrified to discover he is her sister Jenny’s new boyfriend, and she senses trouble.

The more Rita finds out about Leroy, the more she mistrusts him. As she uncovers the truth about his shady dealings, she becomes anxious about Jenny’s safety and is desperate to lure her away from him. Rita’s mettle is tested as she tries to protect her sister while battling with personal health concerns.

But it’s worse than Rita could ever have suspected. Through her association with Leroy, Jenny is about to become embroiled in the most dangerous phase in Manchester’s recent history.


“A Gangster’s Grip” is the second part of The Riverhill Trilogy, and is the sequel to my first novel, “Slur”, which is available from Amazon. The new cover for “Slur”, showing the Riverhill subtitle, has been uploaded to Amazon and will be displayed shortly.  I intend to publish the third and final part of The Riverhill Trilogy in early summer 2016.


13 thoughts on “A Gangster’s Grip – Cover Reveal

      • Sorry about that – but it’s better that you’ve only got the one book to do – trying to match mine up to look the same is what’s been a nightmare. Still, I think it’s done now *crosses fingers* and I will curse and swear the minute I spot an error anywhere in them!!

  1. No worries Georgia, I’m only joking. I was dreading it anyway. I’m always the same with anything technical, and the first time’s always the worst. I’m sure it will get easier once I’ve got the first one out of the way. Good luck with yours – I hope they’re all error free. 🙂

    • Thanks Jo. I love the cover too – Chris is so talented and great to work with. It’s going well thanks although I seem to have been even busier that when I launched ‘Slur’. I hope things are going well for you with you latest novel, ‘Keeping Sam’. I love the cover of that one too – not long now till launch day. 🙂

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