What’s on your Kindle?

I have had my Kindle for about a year now and I am amazed at how much content I’ve managed to accumulate. I can’t resist all those free or bargain books that I see advertised on Twitter, or books that I see recommended on various blogs. There are so many great independent authors out there as well as authors that are published through traditional channels. I thought it would be fun to give a quick rundown of what is on my Kindle then invite readers to share what sort of books they have on their Kindles (or other digital readers). Here goes:


Books by Indie Authors
I have tried a variety of genres including chic lit, romance, crime thrillers, humour, historical, westerners, true life stories and parenting books. Some of the authors whose books I have enjoyed include: Geoffrey West, Joanne Phillips, Terry Tyler, Georgia Rose, Guy Portman, Rose Edmunds, Anne Renshaw, Romy Gemmell, Clare Davidson, Lizzie Lamb, Anne Coates, Taylor Fulks, Peggy Bechko, D J Kirkby, Mark Richards, Yasmin Selena Butt, Jess Sturman-Coombs, Charlie Plunkett and Alice Huskisson. There are some great authors there and I’ve also made some lovely online friends along the way.

Apart from novels I have found a couple of Indie books about independent publishing, which have proved useful. They are “Let’s Get Visible” and “Let’s Get Digital” by David Gaughran and “My Way” by David Perlmutter. “Let’s Get Digital” by David Gaughran is great for new independent authors as it teaches them the basics of how to get published. The follow up book “Let’s Get Visible” then focuses on promotional methods that authors can employ to help ensure that their books get noticed by readers once they have published, and it gives many details of how Amazon’s system works. David Perlmutter’s book also focuses on promotional methods but he takes a different approach, concentrating instead on social media, blogging etc. This is another handy book for newly published independent authors.

Other Authors
I mainly buy the print versions of books by authors who are traditionally published for a couple of reasons. The first reason is because I still like the look and feel of a printed book from time to time. The second reason is because I cannot resist grabbing a book bargain either when I am in the supermarket or from the second hand book stalls when I am on holiday. However, I do sometimes buy books by mainstream authors for my Kindle if they have been recommended to me, especially as I am now becoming more active on Goodreads. This means that I now have even more books on my Kindle that I’ll probably never get round to reading.

Research Books
I do most of my research online these days although I have a selection of trusty old printed books that I still use. Nevertheless, I have recently purchased two research books for my Kindle. One is “On Writing” by Stephen King as it was recommended on a writer’s blog. The other is a book about the gangs of Manchester because I intend to use it when I carry out my research for a future novel.

Reading Holiday

Apart from the content that I have personally loaded onto my Kindle, my husband also loaded a lot of content onto it when he first bought it me as a present. Much of the content relates to books by popular authors and classics. So, I now have a total of 194 items on my Kindle as well as a double cupboard full of books. I think I need a reading holiday. Over to you; what type of content do you fill your digital reader with?

14 thoughts on “What’s on your Kindle?

  1. When I first got my kindle, I did the whole ‘download as many free books as possible!’ thing. Very silly of me! I now read a lot of indie authors (as you can see from my blog). There’s so many great books out there, aren’t there? (:

  2. Welcome to the blog Katherine and thanks for your comment. I agree, there are lots of brilliant books by great authors. At one time I used to always read a book right through to the end but nowadays I find myself abandoning a book after 50 pages if it doesn’t appeal. Why waste valuable reading time when there are so many other good books out there?

  3. I use the iPhone’s Kindle application. Of course it is not as good as a real Kindle, but it is free. I purchased ‘Let’s Get Visible’ on your recommendation, and found it useful. Earlier this year I got Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for free on the Kindle. Like you I love real books, but they can get expensive. Last month I bought a load of novellas from Waterstones. Thank you for the mention.

    • Hello Marilyn and welcome to my blog. If you can let me have your email address I will be happy to send you the list of library addresses. if you aren’t comfortable publishing your email address on the blog, perhaps you could send it to my emai: dianewriting@gmail.com. 🙂

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  5. Hi Diane, like you I have a huge number of books on my kindle. When I first got it I downloaded all the classics that were free but since then it has been filling up with indie books. I can’t resist a bargain if someone has a free promotion or a book on offer but actually I’ve found that I just can’t resist books at all and if I’m tempted by one I generally just go and get it there and then….I just drifted off for a minute to get Guy Portman’s Necropolis… you see how it happens! It’s been on my radar for a while and I just have to seize the moment otherwise it will have gone from my mind again 🙂 Otherwise I notice I have several non-fiction books that I should be reading to help with my writing and marketing but I am dreadful at reading non-fiction and am going to put a month aside soon to do just that! Thanks for sharing! Georgia x

  6. Georgia, Thanks for your comments. You sound very much like me. I’ve just read the flash fiction book by Debbie Young that you recommended and I really enjoyed it. The good thing about flash fiction is that you can whizz through a book in no time.
    I hope you enjoy Guy’s book as much as I did. It is quite different and I must warn you that it is graphic in parts but I think it’s an absolute classic. I’m dying to tell you more but I don’t want to spoil it for you. I’ll be interested to hear what you thought once you get round to reading it.

    • It sounds brilliant! I love it when someone is so excited about a book they can’t wait to tell me about it – always a good sign! It may be a while but I will let you know how I find it 🙂

  7. Great! I hope I won’t offend Guy (as I know that he reads this blog) when I say that it isn’t action packed but it’s one of those books that you really have to read to the end. It will stay with you long after you have finished reading – that was my take on it anyway. 🙂

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