The SLUR Big Prize Quiz

Now we come to our last quiz of the day, the SLUR Big Prize Quiz.

The Prize

For this one we are offering our top prize of a £50 John Lewis gift voucher plus a signed print copy of SLUR together with signed print copies of my other two publications, Kids’ Clubs and Organizations: and Great Places for Kids’ Parties: You’ll still need a copy of Slur before you can enter the competition though as all the questions are based on the book.

N.B. We welcome overseas attendees and are willing to exchange the voucher for the equivalent in the country of choice if the prizes are won by somebody from overseas.

You can buy a Kindle version of Slur for only £1.99 at:, and if you manage to win the signed print copy as well, why not put it away as a keepsake? I’ve started to buy signed print copies of books by Indie authors because, you never know, they might become famous one day so it’s good to get your hands on a signed original.


If you want to buy the Kindle version to read on your computer, iPad or smartphone, you can download the free app here that enables you to do so.

Don’t forget to send all your answers by email to: as with our other quizzes. As mentioned above, all the questions are based on the book, but they’re all straightforward. To give everybody a fair chance (because print copies of the book take longer to obtain than Kindle copies) there is a closing date of 5pm on 31st October 2014 for this competition. That should give everyone time to read the book and find the answers.

Once we have reached the closing date, the winning entry will be drawn from the names of all the correct entries. We’ll also notify the prize winner by email and will put the answers to the quiz on the blog after the competition closing date.

The Questions

1.What is the name of the girl that Rita got into a fight with?

2. What is the name of Julie and Rita’s local pub?

3. What is the name of the nightclub that Julie and Rita frequent?

4. Which secondary school did Julie, Rita and Vinny attend?

5. Who is Inspector Bowden’s superior officer?

6. What is the name of the company where Julie works?

7. Where does Rita go for her holidays?

8. What is the Whippet’s real name?

9. What is Julie’s younger sister called?

10. Who, apart from Vinny, does Julie go on a date with?

11. What is Julie’s dad called?

12. What is Julie’s mum called?

13. What type of job does Rita have?

14. What is the name of Julie’s colleague who works on the switchboard with her?

15. How old is Julie?

16. What is the name of Rita’s friend who works with her?

17. What is the name of Amanda’s supervisor?

18. What does Julie find in a toilet cubicle at work?

19. What is Amanda’s boyfriend called?

20. What does Melanie Butterworth see that raises suspicions?


That’s it for today. Thanks for coming to my book launch party. I hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in our competitions and that you’ll enjoy reading SLUR. Good luck with your competition entries. We’ll publish the results of the Literary Quiz and the General Knowledge Quiz on the blog after next Tuesday’s closing date, and the results of the SLUR Big Prize Quiz after the closing date in six weeks’ time. Don’t forget to send your answers to this quiz by email to by the closing date of 5pm on Friday 31st October.

We’re off to have a well-earned glass of the fizzy stuff now before we get busy working our way through all those competition entries in the coming days and weeks.