Book Signing Fun

20160723_143557On Saturday I held the book signing for ‘Danger by Association’, which was book three of The Riverhill Trilogy. We decided to make it a special celebration as the trilogy is now complete.

To mark the era covered by the books, we chose an 80s and 90s Manchester theme. We had a quiz based on major events in Manchester during the 80s and 90s as well as a bit of Manchester themed trivia.

Goody bags went to those who answered 50% or more of the questions correctly although we were a bit generous with our marking.



It was lovely to hear everybody getting all nostalgic about the era as they rattled their brains to remember when particular events took place while music from the 80s and 90s played in the background.


For anyone who was struggling with the answers, we posted up some news articles and other information relating to 80s and 90s Manchester.

20160723_144900 20160723_144927

I roped in the family to help including my two children and my brother, Barry.


We continued our celebrations in the bar, which is only two doors down from the bookshop. Here I am sampling some of the beer with my lovely brother, Barry. My daughter also took a video with my son providing the voice-over. You can view it on my Facebook page at:


Book Signing – The Riverhill Trilogy

To celebrate completion of The Riverhill Trilogy, I’m having a book signing event. Full details are on the poster sign below. If you can make it to Manchester on 23rd July, I would love to meet you and I promise lots of fun and a bit of nostalgia too as we’re having a 1980s – 1990s Manchester theme. I look forward to seeing you there.


FB Launch Announcement

Book Signing for ‘A Gangster’s Grip’

On Saturday 24th October I held my book signing event for my second novel, A Gangster’s Grip at Thackeray’s Books in Denton, Manchester. The shop’s proprietors had prepared an excellent window display in advance of the book signing, showing the cover of ‘A Gangster’s Grip’ and giving the background to both of my novels.  Apparently the poster had attracted interest and positive feedback from customers in the days preceding the book signing.


We arrived fifteen minutes early to find that we already had a customer waiting, and we still had to set up the table and display. My wardrobe malfunction didn’t help matters and, as more customers arrived, I struggled to free my lacy blouse, which had become entangled in my necklace. (This is not exactly the professional image you want to project to readers. 🙂 ) A valuable lesson was learnt and I think that in future it would be advisable to arrive half an hour before the signing.

Fortunately the customers were very patient, and the convivial atmosphere at Thackeray’s helped. Book signings are held in a room above the bookshop, which is also a tearoom selling home-made pastries and housing art displays from local authors.

Book Siging - Gangsters Grip

As well as people who had attended my previous book signing for Slur, there were some new faces. It was great to meet new readers and chat about my books. One thing I did underestimate was how many copies of my previous novel, ‘Slur’ I would need. Because ‘A Gangster’s Grip’ is the second book in a trilogy, readers who hadn’t already read ‘Slur’ wanted to start with that one first. Some even bought both books. Another valuable lesson learnt for future signings is to stock up on print copies of all my books. I have now sold out of my author copies of ‘Slur’ and emptied Thackeray’s shelves of all copies too, although the book can still be ordered online from Amazon. N.B. I’ll be restocking as soon as possible.

Despite a couple of minor hiccups, it was a successful afternoon, and a wonderful opportunity to engage with readers. Although readers can get an idea of what a book is about by reading the blurb and glancing through the first few pages, they enjoy meeting authors and finding out a little about the background to novels. Book signings give readers a chance to do this and also enable authors to build up a local following.


Book Signing Event

On Saturday 11th October I held a book signing for my novel SLUR at Thackeray’s Books in Denton, Manchester. The event went well and I enjoyed meeting members of the press and public.

Signing some Books

Signing some Books

It was good to get the support of the lovely Margaret, proprietor of Thackeray’s Books, and her husband, as well as my brother Barry who helped with the lifting and shifting. Some of my good friends also turned up to give moral support and were good enough to stay and have a chat and a cuppa once everybody else had left.

Margaret, Barry and Myself

Margaret, Barry and Myself

The event was attended by The Tameside Reporter, About Tameside monthly magazine and a representative from the Denton town team who kindly announced the signing on the news page of their website. The Denton town team was set up to support the revitalisation of Denton town centre based on the Portas recommendations relating to British high streets. It was lovely to meet the town team representative who also bought three copies of SLUR for Christmas presents.

The book signing will be featured in the Tameside Reporter, which goes to print on Thursday 16th October. It will also be featured in the November edition of About Tameside magazine, which is circulated at the start of the month.

Margaret and Myself

Margaret and Myself

Whilst I was at the event one of my very good friends invited me to a school open day to set up stall selling my books next Saturday. She suggested that my non-fiction books, Kids’ Clubs and Organizations and Great Places for Kids’ Parties would make ideal purchases for parents. Plus, some parents may even want to treat themselves to a copy of SLUR at the same time. After the success of my book signing event, I’m looking forward to taking part in the open day this coming Saturday. Ironically it’s at the secondary school that I attended many years ago.