Born Bad in Paperback – Blog Tour

I’m thrilled to announce that Born Bad is going into print from tomorrow 4th April and will be stocked by Waterstones, The Works, W H Smith Travel and other independent book shops. Whether the book shops choose to stock my other books in future will depend very much on how Born Bad sells so please spread the word and encourage people to buy a copy.

As part of the launch of the paperback version my publishers, Aria, have organised a wonderful blog tour with lots of lovely bloggers involved. I’ve included details below so you can check them out.

I’ve already received my author copies of the paperback version and they look great. I can’t wait to see them on the shelves of book shops.

Blood Ties – Excerpt

As it’s only just over a week until the launch of Blood Ties, the second book in my latest trilogy, I thought I would tempt you with an excerpt. This particular passage occurs after Adele’s prison friend, Caroline, has just confided in Adele about her crime:

They remained there for several minutes, Adele now also in tears and shaking. She didn’t know what to say. What could she say? There were no words to explain why either she or Caroline had reacted so violently to their tormentors.

As she sat there silently, a rush of thoughts flashed through her mind. Everything made sense now. The way the other prisoners were wary of Caroline, even though she seemed such a caring person. And the way she and Caroline had been drawn to each other.

Eventually she spoke. ‘Did you seek me out?’ she asked.

Caroline looked up, her face red and blotchy and streaked with tears. ‘I know what you’re thinking,’ she said. ‘That perhaps I thought we would understand each other because of… our crimes. But no, not particularly. I mean, I knew what you were in for, and maybe I’d have judged you differently if it wasn’t for my own experiences. But I didn’t deliberately seek you out. I just liked you as a person.’

Adele nodded, unsure what to say next.

‘Well, it’s out in the open now,’ said Caroline, with a sardonic smile.

‘I won’t hold it against you,’ said Adele. ‘How could I?’

And as she spoke those words Adele realised just how much her world had changed. At one time she’d have run a mile from someone who had committed such a heinous crime, no matter what the circumstances were. But inside these walls she saw Caroline as a best friend.

Their crimes were similar. They shared the guilt. And Adele knew that no one would ever understand Caroline in the same way that she did.


I hope I’ve given you a taster of what’s to follow. If you want to pre-order your copy, here’s the link again for Blood Ties.


Born Bad Blog Tour

I’m excited to see the start of the blog tour for Born Bad today. Here are details of the blogs that will feature excerpts from the book, reviews of Born Bad and interviews. I’ve also included the links below:

Born Bad - blog tour banner

17th July

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18th July

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19th July 

Love Books Group:


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20th July

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21st July

Emma The Little Bookworm:

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22nd July

The Writing Garnet:

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23rd July

The Book on My Desk:

Twitter: @Sophjourns

24th July 

Kath Middleton – Books:

I hope you enjoy visiting them and finding out more about the book and my inspiration behind it.

The Power of Dreams

I often feature dreams in my books and have done so in my latest novel, Born Bad. I find that dreams can be an effective way to add drama or to convey the emotional turmoil being experienced by a certain character.

What are Dreams and why do we have them?

Nobody is really sure as to the real purpose of dreams although several theories have been put forward as to why we have them.

Sigmund Freud’s theory was that dreams are, “…disguised fulfillments of repressed wishes.” He suggested that the conscious mind does not allow us to express certain aggressive and sexual desires. These are therefore expressed through the subconscious mind in the form of dreams.

Carl Jung, on the other hand, believed that every dream has a meaning behind it and that we are all able to interpret our own dreams.

Analysing Dreams

Many theorists believe that analysing your dreams enables you to understand yourself better. There is a lot of literature on the subject, which is far too vast to cover in a blog post. However, much of the literature contains tips on how to remember your dreams, details of the common types of dreams and an interpretation of what various types of dreams mean. Here are some links if you wish to find out more on the subject:

Dreams in Literature

Over the centuries dreams have been used to good effect in literature. Some examples spring to mind straightaway, such as:

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare

1984 by George Orwell

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

But, of course, there are many others that you might be familiar with. Here’s an example of my own taken from my latest book, Born Bad, which is due to launch on 1st July:

“Adele’s sleep was sporadic and strange thoughts raced around in her head. She pictured the faces of the judge and members of the jury. Then they would fade and be replaced by others; her school teacher speaking to her. ‘I want that essay handed in in six months. Six months, Adele. You’ve got six months,’ he kept repeating. And her classmates sat around her and gasped.

Then a disturbance broke her sleep. In her semi-conscious state she heard the sound of raised voices. Her heart was racing. She sat bolt upright listening for other sounds. Her father yelling. Her mother pleading. Then nothing. Still semi-conscious, she drifted back off to sleep. Back to the nightmares. Prisons. People scowling at her. And her mother in tears.”

As I get nearer to the 1st July launch date of my latest novel, Born Bad, I’ll be sharing excerpts and details of my blog tour. In the meantime, bye for now and sweet dreams.