Publication Day for The Mark

Today is launch day for The Mark, book one in my new series, The Working Girls. I’m very excited because this is the first book in a brand new series which will run to four or maybe even five books. If you haven’t already pre-ordered a copy of The Mark, here are all the links:

Amazon UK:
Amazon US:
Google Play: 

If you missed my previous posts about the new series, you can find out all about my inspiration for The Working Girls at: The Working Girls – My New Series

The Importance of Reviews

During a recent training session with my publishers, Aria at Head of Zeus, I learnt just how important reviews are to the success of a book. I’m really grateful to everybody who takes the trouble to leave a review on Amazon or any of the other platforms. Not only does it help to contribute to the success of a title but it’s also a great way of letting authors know what you thought of the book. So, if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, please leave a review for The Mark. Big thanks!

Blog Tour

My publishers, Aria at Head of Zeus, have organised a blog tour over two weeks, starting today, with each date featuring a particular blog where you can read reviews or articles relating to The Mark. Here is a list of the blogs and the dates on which The Mark will be featured:

Bye for now. I’m off to celebrate the launch.



Vendetta – Launch Day

Today I’m thrilled to launch the last book in my Manchester Trilogy, Vendetta. After working with the characters for approximately two years it’s such a joy to finally publish book three. Here are all the links to the online book stores so you can bag your copy. I’ve also included the book blurb below to tempt you:




Google Play:


When Adele’s brother, Peter, gets banged up for GBH she reluctantly agrees to run his nightclub, The Golden Bell. Strong opposition from Peter’s thuggish number two, Glynn, who isn’t best pleased about answering to a woman, isn’t the only challenge she faces.

The Manchester club scene of the 1990s is a dangerous place, at the mercy of illicit protection rackets and rampaging gangs, and, despite Adele’s efforts to keep everything legal, the club is beginning to feel like a poisoned chalice.

Meanwhile, Glynn is playing his own ruthless game, and when a savage gang attack has devastating consequences Adele is ready to walk away. But Peter has always stood by her and she owes him big time. Besides, where else would an ex-con find work? And someone has to protect her brother’s empire from his enemies. Right now, Adele knows she is the only one that Peter can trust, but the stakes may soon get too high…


I hope you enjoy the concluding book in the Manchester Trilogy.


New Year, New Name

You may have noticed that the name and URL of my blog has changed. This is because I’ve changed my author name and I’m now using the pen-name of Heather Burnside. I also changed my imprint name to D M Publishing when I published my debut novel SLUR. This replaced D M Writing Services because the previous name sounded too much like my writing services business rather than an independent publisher. Plus, I wanted to separate the two because I publish my books entirely independently from my writing services business.

When I first wrote my debut novel SLUR some years ago I planned to use a pen-name. It’s a personal decision that many authors take. Sometimes, in order to express yourself fully in a novel you may write about topics that you aren’t always comfortable with. In SLUR, for example, I took the decision that my characters would be authentic and that this would be reflected in their behaviour and language. At the same time I was a bit embarrassed when generating local publicity because it made me feel exposed.


With my non-fiction books, on the other hand, I didn’t see any reason to publish in any name other than my own. Therefore, as these were the first books that I published, they went under my own name. By the time I published the novel I had built up a following on social media etc. through the non-fiction books, which left me with a bit of a predicament. I knew that if I changed my author name when I launched the novel I would have a mammoth task in changing everything over to my new pen-name. Consequently I decided to leave things as they were for the time being.

Recently I have been carrying out the research for my second novel whilst also finalising the short story book that I plan to publish in the coming weeks. The more research I do for the second book, the more I have come to realise that I would prefer to write under a pen-name. Some of the material will be quite contentious as well as violent in nature and I would feel more at ease with publishing under a different name.

Whilst I have had some down time over Christmas this has given me the opportunity to assess my future direction with my books. I decided that although it would be a burdensome task to change everything over to my new name, the longer I left it, the more difficult it would become. So, although it has been quite stressful changing everything over, I’ve decided to go for it.


There have been some complications. For example, as my second book will be a sequel to SLUR this means that I have also changed the author name for SLUR. This was easy enough to do with the Kindle version but for the print version CreateSpace have told me that they need a new ISBN number and a new title. As I want the title to stay the same I’m still trying to figure out a way round this. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Additionally I have changed my blog, Twitter Account, Facebook page, Amazon author page and Goodreads page. Here are all the new details:

Website (with WordPress blog) –

Email – I can still be contacted via my previous email address.

Facebook – This is still currently I’ve submitted a request to change the name of the page to D M Publishing because I use it for news about my books rather than my writing services business but I will have to wait up to 14 days to find out whether they have accepted the change. Therefore I’m not changing any of the other details yet as I may end up having to set up a new page.

Twitter Handle – @heatherbwriter. N.B. There is also a smaller account for D M Publishing with the handle @heatherpublish.

Amazon – The links for SLUR are unaffected: although some details still show as Diane Mannion so I’m currently trying to sort this out. My author page should be changed in the next couple of days but I’m still working out how I can get the CreateSpace version of my book changed.

Goodreads – My new Goodreads URL is

Mailing List – You can also sign up to my mailing list here to be the first to hear about books by Heather Burnside and any special promotions that I will run from time to time. I promise not to clog up your inbox as I use my mailing list solely to tell readers about my books and I will never share your details with any third parties.